Bremerhaven Live Cam, Germany

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Bremerhaven is a small city located in the North – West of Germany. In translation from German means “Bremen’s harbour”. This city can be considered a state of two cities, as Bremerhaven consists of two isolated from other cities of Bremerhaven and Bremer.

Bremerhaven is one of the smallest Federal States of Germany – Bremen. The number of people living in these lands is about 0.8 % of the total population of Germany.

The city of Bremerhaven is located on the right Bank of the river Wieser in the river, which is called the Lower Wieser. The area is quite marshy, the surrounding estuary.

The climate of Bremerhaven is located on the North–West of Germany applies to the marine type. This suggests that the summer in Bremerhaven moderately cool and winters are quite mild. A very large number of Sunny days.

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